Established in 1993, in response to real problems seen from within the Banking industry and experienced at the customer end of Banking services, Attfield James set out to help businessmen who lacked the inside knowledge or market information to check and improve their banking relationship and its associated costs and benefits.

Attfield James brings the skills of Finance Director and Bank Manager together on your side of the negotiating table. This skill set will give you banking inside knowledge to allow you to distinguish fact from fiction, and the important from the misleading – essentials when discussing any aspect of your banking with your bank manager.

In addition Attfield James has built up a comprehensive database of banking arrangements and costings that have actually been achieved by our contacts and clients in the market. If you have ever tried to establish your real banking options with any bank as well as a feel for what these should really cost, you will realise how valuable this market information is.

Whether you are going out to tender or just renegotiating your interest charges, you need to know the bottom line.

Attfield James was founded by James Willis ACIB and Charles Simon ACA, BA , and is still run by:

James Willis, ACIB – Director

James is a banking professional who will always find the way to negotiate the best deals with any bank. James trained with TSB and is a qualified banker (unlike the majority of todays’ bank managers!). He is married with 3 children and enjoys shooting, fishing and his main passion is Reading Football Club. He is the Chairman of the Earley Neighbourhood Action Group. 

Contact James direct on 0118 975 1607      




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