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Attfield James brings together a wealth of inside banking knowledge to provide a range of services to help UK businesses achieve the best possible deal on their day to day business banking . Existing clients appreciate Attfield James provides an effective alternative to tendering and can often preserve or even enhance your existing banking relationship. Experienced advisors are able to provide independent, confidential and professional advice on the following:

  1. Interest checking of all overdrafts, loans, invoice finance and mortgages.  The calculation mirrors the banks method of interest calculation.  Group accounts and large corporate accounts can also be checked along with complex set off arrangements and multiple account management services.
  2. Charges checking of all types of charges, for manual electronics, foreign and invoice finance in all of the various methods of charging ie menu tariff, debit turnover to charging, credit turnover to charging, fixed tariff per month/per quarter, free banking etc.
  3. Advice on changing banks where appropriate or required or as part of a Cost Savings & Benefit Report.
  4. Banking advice on merging practices in the legal profession.
  5. Advice on reducing the cost of your credit/debit card acceptances.
  6. Advice and support whilst being in ‘Intensive Care’ with your bank.
  7. Advice on what to do in the case of a fraud or bank negligence.
  8. Advice on the price/cost of loans, overdraft, invoice finance, at the outset or renewal anomalies.
  9. Advice on the credit ratings of banks.

Main areas covered:

  • Borrowing facilities, interest rates and arrangement fees
  • Security required for borrowings
  • Investment of credit balances and rates of return
  • Account and transaction charges
  • Electronic banking charges
  • International transaction charges
  • Invoice Discounting and Factoring charges
  • Credit and Debit card Merchanting charges
  • Specialties
  • Cost Savings and Benefits Reports and Renegotiation Support, Interest and Charges Checks and Reclaims, Resolution of banking problems and disputes

To discuss how Attfield James can help your business contact us here or call 0118 975 1607

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